Top 10 Popular Highest Followers On TikTok Stars Female India.

Best Dancing or Acting Highest Followers On TikTok Stars Female India List.

Top 10 Popular Highest Followers On TikTok Stars Female India.
Top 10 Popular Highest Followers On TikTok Stars Female India.
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You must have heard a lot of Bollywood stars in India, but for the last few years, you have often heard this word named TikTok Star. Because an App has made its place in India. Which is named TikTok. If I tell you something about this app, more than 20 million people in India use this app at this time. In most 60% of women and the rest 18 to 27 years old youth use this app. In the last few months, a lot of different ideas about TikTok came to the public in India. Many people voiced the banning of TikTok in India. Due to this TikTok returned to India again by changing some of its rules. And then Tik Tok’s popularity started growing in India. After that, the term TikTok Star started being used in India.
More than 13 million videos are uploaded to TikTok in India every day. Most of which consist of videos of dance and dialogue. On this platform, anyone can create an account and show his talent to the world. In the initial days, short videos are uploaded on this app. But now a long video is also being uploaded on TikTok.

Top 10 TikTok Stars Female India List

As the usage of TikTok is increasing in India, the number of TikTok stars is also increasing. Today we are going to show you the list of the Top 10 female stars of TikTok through this post. Who has made more than 10 million followers on their account in a very short time? It has become famous not only on Star TikTok but also on big social Networking Sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Top 10 Popular Highest Followers On Tik Tok Stars Female India.

1. Jannat Zubair Rahmani – 20.1 Million Followers

Jannat Zubair Rahmani Tik Tok Star
Img source jannat insta
By the end of this year, TikTok had the most successful Tiktok female star Jannat Zubair Rahmani at number one on this list. Jannat Zubair is a famous TV actress. As much as she is liked on TV. More than that, he likes his fans on TikTok. Like and comment on every video and song of his. Jannat Zubair has 20.1 million followers on TikTok.
Jannat Zubair Rahmani is known in India as an Indian Film and Television Actress. He started his career with the television show ‘Phulwa’ in 2011. After this, he did an entry role by playing Natasha in the ‘Hichki’ film in Bollywood.
Jannat Zubair Rahmani TikTok Following
  • Followers – 20.1 Million
  • Video Likes – 398 Million

2. Garima Chaurasia – 17.3 Million Followers

Garima Chaurasia Tik Tok Star
Img source Garima insta
If we talk about another female star on TikTok, Garima Chaurasia’s name comes second in this list. Because most of the videos made by them have been liked by the common people.
The most popular TikTok video of Garima Chaurasia Is considered ‘bohot hard girl’. The video made Garima Chaurasia a big star overnight. After which he acted in the Punjabi song ‘Mashallah’ and he proved to be a hit on YouTube. Garima’s TikTok has 17.0 Million Followers and 438 Million videos.
Garima Chaurasia Tik Tok Following
  • Followers – 17.3 Million
  • Video Likes – 438 Million

3. Avneet Kaur – 17.0 Million Followers

Avneet Kaur Tik Tok female star
Image source Avneet Insta
TV Actress and Dancer Avneet Kaur is one of the most successful stars on TikTok. She has made her name not only on TikTok but also in Television and Bollywood. TikTok currently has more than 17 million Avneet Kaur followers. Avneet has participated in the Kei TV Show and has been a part of big shows like ‘Dance Ke Superstars’ and ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’. He has worked in Rani Mukherjee’s film ‘Mardaani’ in Bollywood.
Avneet Kaur TikTok Following
  • Followers – 17.0 Million
  • Video Likes – Million

4. Nisha Guragain – 14.1 Million Followers

Nisha Guragain Tik Tok female star
Image source Nisha Insta
Nisha Guragain has over 14 million followers on TikTok. Most of Nisha’s videos are based on dance and dialogue. Because of which people like to watch their videos, Nisha Guragain’s name comes in third on this list. Nisha Guragain 4th tik to the famous girl in India.
Nisha Guragain TikTok Following
  • Followers – 14.1 Million
  • Video Likes – 301 Million

5. Sameeksha Sud – 13.8 Million Followers

Sameeksha Sud Tik Tok female star
Image source Sameeksha Insta
Actress and Model Sameeksha Sud has created a strong following on Tiktok on the basis of her acting. She keeps putting relative videos of the action, dancing, and dialogues on her Tiktok Account. Sameeksha Sud has done modeling and TV acting in her career. She is considered to be a very old actress in the world of acting. Sameeksha Sud has more than 13 million followers on the TikTok account.
Sameeksha Sud 5th tik to a famous girl in India.
Sameeksha Sud TikTok Following
  • Followers – 13.8 Million
  • Video Likes – 317 Million

Top 10 Tik Tok Famous Girls in India full Information Table.

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