10 Facts About the Philadelphia Eagles That Will Blow Your Mind

10. The Eagles and Steelers Formed a Super Team During World War II

9. Legendary Philly Icon Steve Van Buren Achieved Multiple Thousand-Yard Seasons, Making NFL History

8. Eagles Diehard Fans Scored Free Tickets to the 1948 NFL Championship Game - Their Secret? Shovels!

7. The Eagles Achieved a Rare Playoff Victory Against Vince Lombardi's Packers.

6. Santa Claus Targeted by Eagles Fans with Snowballs Finds Humor in Incident.

5. The Quarterback Kneel: How a Miraculous Eagles Win Made It Famous.

4. Discover the Subtle Eagle References Hidden in Two Star Wars Films!.

3. The Unique Shade Adorning Their Home Jerseys: Unveiling the Enigmatic Hue Known as 'Midnight Green'.

2. The NFL's Unique Logo: Philadelphia's Left-Facing Emblem Stands Out!

1. Former Patriots' Players Who Contributed to Super Bowl LI Victory Now Shine with the Eagles.

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