Brazil's Hidden Gems: Cities You Should Add to Your Itinerary

Belo Horizonte is counted among the most beautiful cities in Brazil.

10. Belo Horizonte - Brazil

If you like to see beautiful places then you must visit Natal city.

9. Natal - Brazil

Niteroi is considered to be the most popular city of Brazil to visit.

8. Niteroi - Brazil

If you want to see new buildings then definitely visit Santos.

7. Santos- Brazil

If you love the environment, then Ouro Preto is made for you to visit.

6. Ouro Preto- Brazil

If you want to enjoy the beautiful weather then go to the city of Campo Grande.

5. Campo Grande - Brazil

If you are fond of visiting Amazon then you can come to Belem.

4. Belem - Brazil

Fortaleza City is more famous for its Becahs.

3. Fortaleza - Brazil

This Brazilian city is divided into two parts, one part on land and the other part in the form of deep.

2. Florianopolis - Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a city counted among the most beautiful cities in the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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